The Top 100 Arab Celebrities

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This year, Forbes Middle East reveals its Top 100 Arab Celebrities for the first time, looking at the popularity and influence of actors, singers and TV personalities from across the region.

Judging a celebrity’s influence in this digital age naturally involves looking at their personal brands, their notoriety and the scope of their reach on social media. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have opened a new world to the entertainment industry—one where celebrities can connect directly with their consumers, and fans can build relationships with their idols that need never switch off.

This means people in the public eye can wield greater influence and monetize on their fame more so now than ever before.

The highest-ranking woman on the list, Nancy Ajram, has around 48 million followers across these social media platforms, making her the most followed celebrity in the region. Not far behind is Elissa, who has the highest number of followers on Twitter at over 12 million.

We have also looked at how long these Arab celebrities have been in the business. Number one, Egyptian Superstar Amr Diab, has been at the top of his game for over 30 years.

Most of the celebrities on our list are in the music industry, with 51 overall and nine of the top ten being singers. There are 37 actors, with legendary Egyptian actor, Adel Emam, being the highest-ranking. Hassan El Shafei is the only featured composer.

Egypt, the most populous Arab country and the hub of Arabic cinema, dominates the list with 45 stars, followed by Lebanon with 25 entries.


We looked at over 500 Arab celebrities’ social media platforms and took forward those with a total number of over 3 million followers. We gave the most weight to social media, but we also calculated the length of the celebrity’s showbiz career, and we explored their activities outside of their dominant field, such as whether they are employed as goodwill ambassadors for the UN and other points.

  • Social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • Years active in the industry
  • Other influential activities and editorial points
RankImageNameProfessionCountrySocial Media Followers
1Amr DiabSingerEgypt30.26 Million
2Nancy AjramSingerLebanon48.14 Million
3ElissaSingerLebanon43.48 Million
4Kadim Al ShahirSingerIraq19.69 Million
5Najwa KaramSingerLebanon26.58 Million
6Adel EmamActorEgypt16.44 Million
7Assala NasriSingerSyria22.61 Million
8Ahlam Al ShamsiSingerU.A.E21.5 Million
9Ragheb AlamaSingerLebanon13.05 Million
10Georges WassoufSingerSyria9.61 Million
11Ahmed HelmyActorEgypt19.55 Million
12Tamer HosnySingerEgypt29.8 Million
13Sherine Abdel-WahabSingerEgypt22.52 Million
14Mohamed HamakiSingerEgypt19.8 Million
15Cyrine AbdelnourSingerLebanon16.24 Million
16Wael JassarSingerLebanon15.45 Million
17Ahmed El SakkaActorEgypt14.96 Million
18Hussain Al JassmiSingerU.A.E14.31 Million
19FayrouzSingerLebanon8.37 Million
20Saber Al RebaiSingerTunisia7.89 Million
21Amal MaherSingerEgypt13.13 Million
22Myriam FaresSingerLebanon23.14 Million
23Samira SaidSingerMorocco8.3 Million
24Carole SamahaSingerLebanon13.68 Million
25Hassan El ShafeiComposerEgypt13.04 Million
26Mohamed MounirSingerEgypt8.09 Million
27Hend SabryActorTunisia8.73 Million
28Donia Samir GhanemActorEgypt10.32 Million
29Mohammed AssafSingerPalestine15.83 Million
30Mohamed SobhyActorEgypt7.15 Million
31Nawal Al ZoghbiSingerLebanon12.98 Million
32YaraSingerLebanon16.39 Million
33Haifa WehbeSingerLebanon21.96 Million
34Maher ZainSingerLebanon31.8 Million
35Ramez GalalActor/PresenterEgypt7.71 Million
36Diana HaddadSingerLebanon10.57 Million
37Karim Abdel AzizActorEgypt5.9 Million
38Assi El HallaniSingerLebanon8.19 Million
39Cheb KhaledSingerAlgeria5.39 Million
40Samo ZaenSingerSyria11.57 Million
41Hamza NamiraSingerEgypt11.5 Million
42Ghada Abdel RazekActorEgypt10.22 Million
43Mohamed RamadanActorEgypt8.29 Million
44Yasmin AbdulazizActorEgypt11.24 Million
45Dorra ZarroukActorTunisia9.35 Million
46Maya DiabSingerLebanon10.46 Million
47Mona ZakiActorEgypt4.93 Million
48Mustafa AghaPresenterSyria5.64 Million
49Hany ShakerSingerEgypt7.53 Million
50Moustafa shabanActorEgypt9.98 Million
51Majida El RoumiSingerLebanon3.92 Million
52LatifaSingerTunisia4.88 Million
53Mohamed HenedyActorEgypt7.22 Million
54Tamer AshourSingerEgypt9.82 Million
55Lojain OmranPresenterSaudi Arabia6.58 Million
56Ahmed GamalSingerEgypt10.55 Million
57Ramy AyachSingerLebanon5.27 Million
58Waleed Al FarrajPresenterSaudi Arabia6.23 Million
59Mohamed EmamActorEgypt8.82 Million
60Ola Al FaresPresenterJordan8.31 Million
61BalqeesSingerU.A.E/ Yemen10.06 Million
62Hassan El RaddadActorEgypt8.4 Million
63HakimSingerEgypt4.37 Million
64AnghamSingerEgypt3.31 Million
65Ramy SabrySingerEgypt8.35 Million
66Carmen SolimanSingerEgypt6.12 Million
67Mai Ezz EldinActorEgypt5 Million
68Khaled El SawyActorEgypt3.52 Million
69Amr WakedActorEgypt6.85 Million
70Asma LmnawarSingerMorocco7.3 Million
71Mais HamdanActorJordan7.79 Million
72Marwan KhourySingerLebanon3.34 Million
73Nicole SabaSingerLebanon3.3 Million
74Khaled ElnabawyActorEgypt5.28 Million
75Ayten AmerActorEgypt7.09 Million
76NeshanPresenterLebanon3.31 Million
77Nesreen TafeshActorSyria5.87 Million
78SandySingerEgypt7.08 Million
79Ahmed FahmiActorEgypt5.43 Million
80Asser YassinActorEgypt4.67 Million
81Kinda AlloushActorSyria7.07 Million
82Kosai KhauliActorSyria3.32 Million
83Madeleine MatarSingerLebanon5.37 Million
84Battal AlgoosSports presenterSaudi Arabia5.8 Million
85Nabil El HalafawyActorEgypt3.81 Million
86Abd El Fattah GriniSingerMorocco5.54 Million
87Sameh HusseinActorEgypt5.18 Million
88Wafaa El KilanyPresenterEgypt3 Million
89Shatha HassounSingerMorocco5.44 Million
90Yosra El LozyActorEgypt5.29 Million
91Khalid Al-ShenaifSports presenterSaudi Arabia4.74 Million
92Raya AbirachedPresenterLebanon5.51 Million
93Heba MagdiActorEgypt4.5 Million
94Joseph AttiehSingerLebanon3.48 Million
95Ali RabeeActorEgypt5.43 Million
96Nadine Nassib NjeimActorLebanon4.99 Million
97Bassem YakhourActorSyria3.89 Million
98Faris AwadSports CommntatorU.A.E4.88 Million
99Amr YoussefActorEgypt4.51 Million
100Turki AldakhilPresenterSaudi Arabia4.07 Million


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