The Top 10 Arab Female Actors

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After revealing the region’s first ever Top 100 Arab Celebrities listForbes Middle East cuts down the top 10 Arab actresses, using the same research methodology that was used in our celebrities’ list.

Judging an actor’s influence in this digital age naturally involves looking at their personal brands, their notoriety and the scope of their reach on social media. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have opened a new world to the entertainment industry—one where celebrities can connect directly with their consumers, and fans can build relationships with their idols that need never switch off.

This means people in the public eye can wield greater influence and monetize on their fame more so now than ever before.

While the list was dominated by Egyptian actresses, it was Tunisia’s Hend Sabry who notched the top spot with Egypt’s Donia Samir Ghanem at number two.

Sabry was joined by fellow Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk at number five, as Syrian Nesreen Tafesh made the only appearance from outside Egypt and Tunisia.


We looked at over 500 Arab celebrities’ social media platforms and took forward those with a total number of over 3 million followers. We gave the most weight to social media, but we also calculated the length of the celebrity’s showbiz career, and we explored their activities outside of their dominant field, such as whether they are employed as goodwill ambassadors for the UN and other points.

  • Social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • Years active in the industry
  • Other influential activities and editorial points
RankImageNameProfessionCountryTotal Social Media
1Hend SabryActressTunisia8.73 Million
2Donia Samir GhanemActressEgypt10.32 Million
3Ghada Abdel RazekActressEgypt10.22 Million
4Yasmin AbdulazizActressEgypt11.24 Million
5Dorra ZarroukActressTunisia9.35 Million
6Mona ZakiActressEgypt4.93 Million
7Mai Ezz EldinActressEgypt5 Million
8Mais HamdanActressJordan7.79 Million
9Ayten AmerActressEgypt7.09 Million
10Nesreen TafeshActressSyria5.87 Million