The Forbes Fintech 50 For 2018

Fintech, Fintech 50, Forbes, 2018

While crypto hogs the headlines, technology is disrupting the $8.5 trillion (market cap) U.S. financial services industry in less flashy ways, changing how we invest, borrow and save; how big banks control risk; and how hedge funds analyze data and place their bets. Worldwide, $27.4 billion poured into fintech startups in 2017, Accenture reports, up 18% from 2016. With so much in play, it’s not surprising that 22 companies are new on this, the third edition of Forbes’ Fintech 50 list. All their picks have operations, customers or impact in the U.S., even if they’re not based in the U.S. The list excludes public companies and divisions of public companies.

Edited by Janet Novack and Matt Schifrin. Reported by Samantha Sharf, Anotine Gara, Lauren Gensler, Maggie McGrath, Laura Shin and Kristin Stoller.

Company NameLocationCategoryFunding
AcornsIrvine, CAInvesting, Personal Finance, Consumers$101 million
AddeparMountain View, CAInvesting, Data & Analytics, Wall Street$215 million
AdyenAmsterdamConsumers, Small Business, Payments$266 million
AffirmSan FranciscoConsumers, Small Business, Payments, Lending$450 million
AyasdiMenlo Park, CAData & Analytics, Wall Street$106 million
BettermentNew York CityInvesting, Personal Finance, Consumers$275 million
Better MortgageNew York CityConsumers, Lending$65 million
The Bitfury GroupAmsterdamWall Street, Blockchain & Bitcoin$90 million
BlendSan FranciscoConsumers, Wall Street, Lending$160 million
BlockchainLondonBlockchain & Bitcoin, Investing, Consumers$70 million
CadreNew York CityInvesting, Consumers, Wall Street$130 million
ChainSan FranciscoBlockchain & Bitcoin, Wall Street$43.7 million
ChainalysisNew York CityData & Analytics, Wall Street, Blockchain & Bitcoin$1.6 million
CircleUpSan FranciscoInvesting, Small Business, Consumers, Lending$53 million
CoinbaseSan FranciscoBlockchain & Bitcoin, Investing, Consumers$217 million
CommonBondNew York CityConsumers, Wall Street, Lending$86.2 million
Credit KarmaSan FranciscoPersonal Finance, Consumers, Data & Analytics, Lending$368.5 million
Digital ReasoningNashvilleInvesting, Data & Analytics, Wall Street$76 million
EarninPalo Alto, CAPersonal Finance, Consumers$65 million
EllevestNew York CityInvesting, Personal Finance, Consumers$44.5 million
EnigmaNew York CityInvesting, Data & Analytics, Wall Street$34.6 million
FeedzaiSan Mateo, CAConsumers, Data & Analytics, Wall Street, Payments$82 million
ForterNew York CityConsumers, Data & Analytics, Small Business, Payments$50 million
FundriseWashington, D.C.Investing, Consumers$50 million
GreenSkyAtlantaConsumers, Wall Street, Small Business, Lending$560 million
GuidelineSan Mateo, CAInvesting, Personal Finance, Consumers, Small Business$24 million
GustoSan FranciscoConsumers, Small Business, Payments$176 million
iCapital NetworkNew York CityInvesting, Consumers, Wall Street, Data & Analytics$55 million
IEXNew York CityInvesting, Wall Street, Data & Analytics$100 million
KabbageAtlantaData & Analytics, Small Business, Lending$500 million
KenshoCambridge, MAInvesting, Wall Street, Data & Analytics$150 million
LemonadeNew York CityPersonal Finance, Consumers, Data & Analytics$180 million
LendingHomeSan FranciscoInvesting, Consumers, Small Business, Lending$166 million
MetromileSan FranciscoPersonal Finance, Consumers, Data & Analytics$205.5 million
PlaidSan FranciscoConsumers, Data & Analytics, Wall Street$60 million
QapitalNew York CityInvesting, Personal Finance, Consumers, Data & Analytics$17.3 million
QuandlTorontoInvesting, Wall Street, Consumers, Data & Analytics$20 million
RemitlySeattleConsumers, Payments$200 million
RippleSan FranciscoWall Street, Payments, Blockchain & Bitcoin$93.6 million
RobinhoodPalo Alto, CAInvesting, Consumers, Blockchain & Bitcoin$176 million
ShapeshiftZug, SwitzerlandInvesting, Consumers, Blockchain & Bitcoin$12.2 million
StripeSan FranciscoConsumers, Wall Street, Small Business, Payments$450 million
SymbiontNew York CityWall Street, Investing, Blockchain & Bitcoin$15.4 million
SymphonyPalo Alto, CAInvesting, Data & Analytics, Wall Street$234 million
TalaSanta Monica, CAConsumers, Data & Analytics, Lending$44 million
TransferWiseLondonConsumers, Small Business, Payments$397 million
TrumidNew York CityInvesting, Data & Analytics, Wall Street$82 million
UpstartSan Carlos, CAConsumers, Data & Analytics, Wall Street, Lending$110 million
VeemSan FranciscoConsumers, Small Business, Payments, Blockchain & Bitcoin$40 million
XapoPalo Alto, CAInvesting, Consumers, Blockchain & Bitcoin$41 million